Hoplite Resources is a Hoplite Safety company focused on providing industry with resources for management, consulting, logistics, equipment and third party resourcing. Specializing in hard to manage projects, our goal is to relieve our customers of the cumbersome efforts of searching for and acquiring resources. With 20 plus years of management and logistics experience, we employ and staff permanent or temporary labor as well as capital assets needed to satisfy our customerís specific needs. Some of our services include:

Management and Consulting

Our customers often have trouble finding personnel or are uncertain of what type of candidate they may need to satisfy a particular function within their organization. Hoplite looks to carefully evaluate each customerís specific needs and produce the most effective and efficient candidate to accomplish the target goals. We further more offer managed services to our customer at no additional charge to insure quality of performance with constructive support for our carefully placed candidates. From executives to laborers our management resources seek out and staff permanent or temporary management/labor to satisfy our customerís specific needs.


With two patent pending products Hoplite builds, rents and employs capital assists and equipment to meet the customerís specific needs for any given project. Let us know your obstacle and we can find, build or rent the right tools or equipment needed to simplify your needs.

Third Party Resourcing

Hoplite Resources knows the market and has already established relations with vendors and prospective vendors. We have the tools and resources to reach the largest possible base of buyers and sellers. We then screen these potential buyers or sellers for revenue that would support the potential acquisition. Utilizing Hoplite's resourcing services instantly takes your company's acquiring efforts to the next level leaving more time for you run your organization.


We are here to move your personnel, materials, food and equipment. Hoplite provides the personnel to manage your logistics needs as well as general labor for the day to day operations. Personnel include, but are not limited to: management, dispatchers, warehouse/inventory clerks, drivers, forklift operators, warehouse clerks and labor for stocking inventory. We also provide: trucks, trailers, forklifts, and other equipment needed to safely and effectively move your assets.



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