The REACT® unit is a truly innovative safety product developed by Hoplite Safety. Designed to aid in emergencies at remote locations, REACT stands for Remote Emergency Assistance Care and Treatment.

After many years of auditing work sites, we identified a great need for proper emergency preparedness in remote situations. In the event of an emergency, reaction time is key. Quick access to facilities like emergency shower eyewash (ESEW) stations, first aid, communications and other lifesaving equipment can be the difference between an emergency and a catastrophe. We have also often found that many sites have missing or misplaced emergency equipment, malfunctioning equipment and/or personnel unaware of the location of emergency equipment. Our solution to these problems is the REACT® unit.

Hoplite Safety can install a REACT® unit on your site to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency assistance. This patent-pending product is designed to be an emergency stand alone (ESA) response station that does not require external power or water supply. The REACT® unit delivers maximum emergency/first aid assistance with minimum effort and wasted space. Simple to use and easy to spot at any location, this versatile unit will be an emergency icon for your work site.

All features of the unit can be linked into our smart system for site notification through the use of horns and strobes when equipment has been utilized as well as connected to our satellite communications system to notify necessary offsite personnel of an incident.

The key advantages of the REACT® unit:
  • Custom-built units provide site-specific emergency aid
  • Maximization of time efficiencies for managing accidents
  • Elimination of late reports or unreported accidents
  • Ease of site's ability to become regulatory-compliant
  • Guarantee of functional testing for equipment reliability and quality assurance
  • Self-containment and self-sufficiency
  • Integration with a world-class notification system for 24/7 monitoring and notification



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